Dr. T.C. Saravanabava
Head – Apprenticeship
Email : drtcsbava@lsc-india.com
Mobile : +919811795470

I have more than 37 years of progressive experience. Out of which 7 years in a leading public sector as design engineer in Research and development wing and Spent 30 years in the area of Vocational training and Skill training With more than a decade in the area of Instructional material development and Apprenticeship training.
More than two decade played leadership roles in Government organizations, Managed more than a dozen Government Owned Training Institutes (As Head and HODs), worked for their Expansions.. In the area of Vocational/Skill training handled many major Schemes of Government of India.

Gained experience in the area of Public and office administration, strategic planning, Understanding and balancing the Leadership role with both administrative and political power, formulation of government schemes, policy frame work, Guidelines, Implementations Strategy, etc.

I am a PhD in (Management), M. Phil ( Labour Studies) Post Graduate in Operations Management and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from