The UG degree programme that is incorporated with industry apprenticeship is known as Apprenticeship-based UG Degree Programme. Logistics Sector Skill Council offers Apprenticeship-based BBA/B.Com./BMS Degree Programme in collaboration with select institutions throughout the country.

Logistics Sector Skill Council, (LSC) a society registered under the Societies Registration act, 1860 is a not for profit organization set up by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) though National Skill Development Corporation of India (NSDC). Logistics Sector Skill Council is governed by its Governing council comprising eminent Captains of Industry. Carrying out the Occupational and Functional Mapping of the Sector/ Sub Sectors to assess the Job Roles in demand, and Facilitating creation of viable Industry driven structured solutions for skilling are primary objectives of LSC. You can get to know more about LSC from www.lsc-india.com

LSC has created this UG Degree Programme with the primary objective of creating adequate skills for gainful employment at supervisory / managerial levels in Logistics Industry. The core focus of the programme is Skill Development, and hence nearly 60% of the programme component and duration constitute On-the Job Training in the form of Industry Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is scheduled in the three Even Semesters (II, IV, and VI) of the programme. The duration of apprenticeship is six months each. Hence, you would be in apprenticeship for a total of 18 months during the three years of the Degree Programme.

You will take up apprenticeship in Logistics industries, located in your region.

No. Apprenticeship would be allotted to you by LSC in a Logistics company. You will have to accept the Apprenticeship wherever allotted.

LSC takes care of allotting you to a company for apprenticeship.

You need not, as no coursework is scheduled during Even Semesters when you would be in apprenticeship.

Yes. You will get a monthly stipend in the range of Rs.5,000 – Rs.9,000 during the apprenticeship period. The company provides the monthly stipend to you where you undergo your apprenticeship. The stipend amount is credited directly to your bank account.

You would incur expenditure on accommodation, food, and local transportation for six months during each Even Semester for Apprenticeship. In addition, you would be paying LSC a token payment of Rs.1,200 for facilitating apprenticeship, and Rs.1,000 for apprenticeship assessment during each Even Semester.

The prospects for final placement are very bright in Logistics Industry, as it is one of the fast growing industries in the world. You have a better chance of getting placed at the supervisory / lower managerial level when you successfully complete the Degree. LSC will actively work with all students who successfully complete the Degree Programme, facilitating final placement in a Logistics company.

Yes. Placement Fee of Rs.1,500 is payable to LSC by each student at the commencement of VI Semester.

Yes. When in apprenticeship, you will adhere to the leave rules and service conditions of the company where you do your apprenticeship. You need to be in apprenticeship for a continuous six months during each Even Semester. Over and above the weekly and declared holidays, you may avail 20 days of special leave on prior approval and on valid reasons.

If you have passed +2 (12th standard) in any group or equivalent qualification can apply for admission.

Links to online admission process of Collaborating Institutions are provided in www.lsc-india.com. You can select the Institution where you want to get admitted and click the concerned link to apply for admission. You can get more information about the mode of application in the website of the Collaborating Institution.

Candidates would be selected for admission by the Collaborating Institutions on the basis of the merit order of applicants (in the concerned institution), and the prevailing Reservation Policy of the concerned State.

The duration of the programme is three years comprising six Semesters in total.

Please check with the Collaborating Institution to which you intend to apply for admission. The contact number and mail ID of the Admission Executive of the concerned Institution are available in www.education.lsc-india.com