Logistics Sector Skill Council offers well designed seven degree programmes in the Humanities discipline. All these programmes are embedded with various spells of apprenticeship of 6 months each. Table given below gives a snapshot of the apprenticeship embedded humanities programmes offered by LSC. All these programmes have been designed by well experienced industry executives and senior professors from various universities. Skill component of these degree programmes ranges from 60% to 70%, in order to facilitate students to gain appropriate Skills and Attitude along with Knowledge. The curriculum and pedagogy of the apprenticeship embedded degree programmes will make the graduates industry-ready for gainful employment or entrepreneurship as soon as they complete the degree programme.

No. Programme Domain Semesters Concept Learning Apprenticeship
1  BBA/B.Com.  Logistics 6  Semesters I, III, V  Semesters II, IV, VI
2  BMS  Agri Storage & Supply Chain 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI
3  BMS  Aviation Services & Air Cargo 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI
4  BMS  Ecom. Operations 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI
5  BMS  Exim & Express 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI
6  BMS  Land Transportation 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI
7  BMS  Maritime Logistics 6  Semesters I, II, III, IV  Semesters V, VI