Seacom Skills University

Name of the Institution   : Seacom Skills University
Affiliated University  : Seacom Skills University
Institution Address  : Kendradangal Village,Sattore (PO),Birbhum,West Bengal-731326
Admission Co-ordinator   : Anindita Chakraborty
Designation   : Secretary
Mobile   : 9674332880
Land Line   : 8981024702
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Seacom Skills University is founded upon the core belief in the inseparability of knowledge and skills. Lt deliberately dismisses as archaic and counterproductive the divisive dichotomy between thinking and doing, contemplation and action. Naturally, the pedagogical principle at work here is not merely 'learning and studying', but the more holistic ‘learning and doing'. Education without contemporary competency is shunned at SSU. The university equally values (ln principle) and emphasizes ( ln practice) multiple dimensions of learning, namely "What to, Why to and How to" and simultaneously works towards inculcating, among students and teachers alike, the indispensable attitude of " Want to". The habit of effective education is cultivated at the meeting ground of Knowledge, Skill and desire called the Seacom Skills University.


SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY is the latest venture of a well-known Trust in Kolkata involved in multifarious activities for more than a decade now. The Group has taken a new approach in offering Engineering and Technical Education with maximum industry orientation and more stress on practical skills, aiming at building greater confidence in students.